BE WARNED! Majority of writing agencies usually “Do Not Offer” specific refund guarantees. The promises they give concerning refunds are vague and usually not kept when you are not satisfied with their work. However, welcomes you to feel at ease when ordering with us.

Our refund policies allow you to request for a refund at any stage after ordering if not certain of anything. We secure you interest in case something arises during the ordering period or after. We have a high satisfaction rate and refunds requests are rare, that why we usually guarantee easy and quick refund process.

Cancellation of Orders

If you desire to cancel the order which you might have presently placed you will receive 100% refund only if no writer has been assigned the task. However, in circumstances where the writer has already been assigned the order, and you have received a notification on the order page, the refundable amount will reflect on the order deadline. Usually the reward amount refunded after half of the deadline time has elapsed may tally to 70%, and in most cases up to 50% thereafter. Basically the amount subtracted from your total are to compensate the writer for the task already done.

However, you will not receive full refund if the paper has been successfully completed on time and delivered to your designated order page. After the paper has been uploaded and sent to the customer’s order page and email alert sent, the customer can only be refunded back his/her money based on quality reasons. The refund button is usually located on the customer’s order page.

Use the order calculator below and get started! Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry.

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