I’ve Paid Twice For One Order   

Whenever your charged twice for one order and your presented with two receipt from the payment instrument accessed, we encourage that you contact us through our 24/7 support team. We recommend that you forward the two receipts to our customer support and we will fully refund back the extra amount ASAP.

I’ve Placed Two Identical Orders

After successfully completing the payments procedure of two identical papers erroneously, we advocate that you contact our customer support ASAP. You will receive full refund after alerting the support before they assign the orders to the writers. It’s the duty of the customer to terminate any order which is irrelevant. However, you will be charged for alerting the support team late after the order has been assigned to the writer and they have commenced crafting the paper. These instances are known as regular orders or standard compensation procedure.

My Order Has No Writer

We usually ascertain that after placing an order we assign the top ten V.I.P writers to structure your paper. However, on rare occasion it might occur that there is no writer to craft a certain paper. On such occasion Hero Essays will usually provide full refund and a low discounted code for any next order placed. Furthermore, if upon request for your paper to be revised by a different writer and none is available; the dispute resolution department will review the case and apply the appropriate refund upon request for refund.

Late Submission

Late submission refunds are usually not applicable or refunded if you participated in uploading certain crucial material late. We usually encourage our customer to upload and provide all necessary instruction and supportive document upon placing an order to avoid delays.

If any case arises where due to unavoidable circumstances your finished paper is submitted late after the deadline, usually the customer is allowed to request recalculation of the price of the order in relation to deadline for delivery. For instance a six hour delivery order submitted an hour late will fall into the 24 hours delivery safety net and thus this will cost the customer less. The difference in such instance is the price variation which is reimbursed. However, with long deadline orders lateness Heroessays.com usually reimburses 7% upon request.

However, if the first version of the order is late and you have not approved it you are entitled for full reimbursement. We usually offer solace to the grieved customer with a humble discount on their next order. Our policies stipulate that all lateness reimbursement requests should be forwarded within 14days from the submission of the paper by the writer.

Lateness Of My Revision Paper

Since revisions deadlines are usually structured separately, our policies on late submission refunds and price recalculations do not apply to revisions.

To avoid confusion we advocate that the customer chooses the right deadline when placing the order. The final submission deadline should correlate with the date when the order is due and should always exceed by 30% the first draft deadline to give leeway for any possible revision. Hero Essays platform usually tabulates the time frame given and indicates an estimation of the paper final submission deadline for your convenience after selecting the deadline. Thus, in case the commissioned deadline does not overlaps you first draft deadline with 30%, then one should appoint another option from the time frame offered.

I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the paper. However, I accept it and will revise it myself. I request a partial refund.

When a client is not satisfied with the quality of the paper submitted, they can request for free revision, or demand that a different writer be assigned their paper. Otherwise one might just request partial reimbursement on the personal order page by commissioning “I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the paper. However, I accept it and will revise it myself. I request a partial refund”.

However, after choosing this option the customer is automatically presented with MS Word version of the paper. The customer now will be left with 14 days to proffer strong argument to drum up support for the claims proposed or the own revised paper as exhibit. Upon completion of such arrangement you will receive more than 40% reimbursement although this is depends with the Dispute Resolution Department discretion. To appeal for partial refund after approving the first version of the paper to get credible assistance engage our support team on live online chat, call or write a note to the admin on your personal order page.  Cancellation of the dispute will amount from failure to proffer information required for resolution with the given period of 14 days. After the 14 day grace period expires there shall be no refund disbursed. Partial refund request should be lodged through the “Refund Button” on the personal order page within the first 14days after customer approval of the paper.

I have decided to write my own paper as am appalled with dissatisfaction on the quality of the paper submitted, I request full refund.

When a customer is completely dissatisfied with his/her paper which they receive, there are numerous free revision options which can be explored. Alternatively if the customer loses faith on the first writer then can ask for another writer to revise the paper. However, in case you have not approved the paper and are dissatisfied with it then just press refund button on your order page and get full refund and choose “I have decided to write my own paper as am appalled with dissatisfaction on the quality of the paper submitted, I request full refund.

Note that after proclaiming this option the paper earlier presented is usually uploaded to the internet for commercial purposes. The grace period for presenting strong evidence to back their case is 14days. One can also upload the self revised paper as evidence to illustrate that the previous writer did not address your main instructions. Once you submit your evident paper we usually discard them after the review to maintain good customer relation and avoid third party interference. Heroessays.com does not store in our data base any work completed earlier. After completion of these simple rules, at the discretion of our Dispute Resolution Department you will be full refunded.

However, failure to provide credible information essential to exhibit the writer’s instruction violations case and also failure to report the matter after 14 days, no refund is tolerated.

In the event of full refund request, the agency holds the rights to surrender the paper online for commercial purposes. We do not have databases where we store up essay, term paper and research papers. Surrendering the paper over the internet means that when as source is instigated and all plagiarism checks are emplaced then the paper will link back to our website. Furthermore, we may also publish the paper as content and as sample paper. This is usually done to protect the writers work to avoid fraud and trickery adapted by customers. The customer has the mandate to read and fully understand his/her paper and request major to smaller adjustments the However, full refund request is usually limited by the fact upon after the lapse of the 14 days you will not be liable for refund. Also once the order is “approved button” which allows the customer to access to the editable and printable paper version then refund is constrained. Although, in case you have approved the revised or the initial paper using the “Approve Order” then you become legible to partial refund.

Basically note that you will only be able to affect partial refund to services like rewriting, editing and proofreading because the initial paper usually can expose the customer’s personal information.

All full refunds requests process should be applied through “Refund” button after 14days from the delivery date on the personal order page.

Due To Additional Service/Feature Inconvenience I’d Like To Get A Refund

Progressive Delivery Order

To most of our orders that have Progressive Delivery Feature, after the initial approval the deadline for revision is limited to 21 days. Upon engaging the “Approve Part Button” on your Progressive Delivery and then progress to the next part of the order, you are not liable for any compensation for the previously approved part.

Only 40% refund will be accessible for the last section of your paper which has been delivered to you. Our policy clearly state that after the customer engages the “Approve Part Button” on any part of the order he/she nullifies that they are content with the order and the order therefore becomes nonrefundable once the writer commences on the other section.

Sample Service

Our $5 deposit fee charged for “writers sample services” is non-refundable, so we usually encourage that the customer reviews the sample in due time. When the customers fail to appeal for a different writer within the given time frame, we shall assume that he/she has accepted and is comfortable with the work submitted by the previous writer.

Editor’s Service   

To receive refund for the extra 30% editor’s services charge amount. You should appeal for partial refund through the Refund button located on your order page.

Writer’s Category

When you apply and pay extra for Advanced or ENL (English as a Native Language) writer, but at that moment there is none available to draft your paper, that might lead us to assign a writer of lower category you are liable for full refund of the extra fees charged.

I Am Recipient Of My Completed Order Although I Forgot To Approve It

Make sure that after the 14 days grace period you approve your order. After the last version of the paper has been submitted to your personal order page automatic calculation of approval time will commence. Failure to approve the order or appeal for a revision within the 14 days stipulates that you’re comfortable with the paper and the system automatically approves the order. After you or the system has approved the paper you have 14 more days to appeal for full refund or partial refund. Furthermore, failure to request for refund after the 14days grace period after approval no refund is possible.

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