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For us in Hero Essays to ascertain your discretion and security, when processing your order payments, we usually do not enquire any to your credit card information during the payment procedure whosoever. How do we achieve this you may ask? Well, all our transactions are directly transmitted through PAYPAL processing system. These are two most renowned, transparent and secure online payment companies. Hero Essays will only receive payment process verification, after a transaction has been completed successfully. Furthermore, we have employed one of the most high-tech, sophisticated and secure firewall platform that ascertain protection during the payment process. We keep all our client personal information confidential. We exercise caution and discretion to screen third parties from acknowledging your association with our company’s services. This tradition has enabled students to enjoy our services confidently for an academic career devoid of any hiccups from 1997.

HeroEssays.com is an academic research assistance agency that transact on legitimate basis. HeroEssays.com is founded on the principle of proffering academic research assistant to scholars for excellence through their academic process. We have simple ordering procedures. Whenever one orders a custom research paper, they usually buy a copyright material. We have a similar purchase system as that of a bookshop. HeroEssays.com abhors and is very strict on cheating and plagiarism. We have a plagiarism system check similar to “Turnitin.”

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